Saturday, 17 May 2014

Anti Hair Fall Set for only RM118!

We have personalised the steps to a healthier scalp and hair. The Anti Hair Fall Set is now retailed at RM118 only. Wait no longer, visit the nearest Himalaya boutique!

Weekend Promotion!

Planning to indulge this weekend? Yes, we're having weekend promotion specially for you. Come on over to any Himalaya boutique to enjoy these promotions! 

Monday, 5 May 2014

Win a trip to Korea!

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Win a pair of branded sunglasses from Guardian!

Get yourself Himalaya's Whitening Range from Guardian and win yourself a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun! Sounds like a good deal? It definitely is! 

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Come visit us at One Utama Concourse (New Wing)!

Come visit us at One Utama Concourse to enjoy exciting promotions! 

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Himalaya's Malaysia GP Sale!

Himalaya's GP Sale is not over yet, beautiful people. You'll still have time till end of this month so better hurry because everything is selling fast. ;) In case you're wondering what are some products about and what are the functions, let us just enlighten you a tiny bit.

Himalaya's Nourishing Skin Cream (150ml)
Let's just admit it, everyone wants a baby soft skin and in order for that to take place, you definitely will be needing a moisturiser! Well, we recommend you this as this can be used for body and face! What a combo ;)

Himalaya’s Nourishing Skin Cream is a light, non greasy, daily-use cream, which provides you all day moisturizing, nourishment and protection.
The cream is blended with the extracts of Aloe Vera, Winter Cherry, Indian Kino Tree and Indian Pennywort, which protect your skin from pollution and dry weather and provide nourishment and moisture.

Hair Loss Cream + Anti Hair Fall Shampoo
Ever got out of shower and thought to yourself, "Oh my, what's with my hair?!", Fret not, you're not alone. 

Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo is a breakthrough 2-in-1 formula that nourishes hair roots and strengthens weakened hair. It also conditions and improves your hair texture to reduce hair fall due to breakage.

The herb Butea Frondosa stimulates hair follicle growth and is effective in strengthening hair roots and controlling hair fall. Pongamia Pinnata seeds have antifungal properties that leave your hair clean, eliminating the recurrence of bacterial and fungal infections. 

Himalaya's Anti Hair Loss Cream promotes hair growth and controls hair fall by stimulating the active phase of the hair growth cycle. Visible effects can be seen within two weeks. A 40% hair regrowth can be seen in three months and prolonged use for up to six months brings about a 70% reduction in hair loss.

Whitening Trial Set
And yes, if you want to glow externally, we do have something for you too! 

Himalaya's Clear Complexion Whitening Trial Set essentially removes dark spots, cleanses and clarifies impurities, revealing a clear, radiant and even complexion.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nourishing Skin Cream

Did you know? Winter cherry helps the cell to regenerate? Now you do! It's very important to get moisturized at all times.

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

3 ways to protect yourself from haze.

The weather in Malaysia is getting uncertain by days, sometimes it's all shining bright, sometimes it's raining and sometimes (well, recently) haze shows up. Not taking care of yourself during this period of time can really affect your body to react to it. No one wants to get sick or anything, right? :) Here are the way you can protect yourself from haze.

Firstly, try to minimize your outdoor activities. Well, if you're the type who would spend most of the time outside, don't worry. It won't be long! 

Wear a mask. Not just any surgical mask. Respiratory masks such as N95 works well in keeping out fine particulate matter.

Change your diet! This time around, you will be needing more of Vitamin A and E which includes apples, tuna, sardines and such. And of course, you will have to drink lots and lots of water to prevent yourself from hydration and to flush out the toxins absorbed through the lungs.

Last but not least, if ever you feel sick (coughs, flu, dry eyes & etc), do consult the doctor immediately. 

Pictures courtesy of Tumblr

Tired of hair fall?

Tired of having hair fall? Yeah, most of us are going through the same thing. Don't worry, we are all on the same page. First of all, it's very important to know your diet if you're experiencing this. Fish, eggs, beans and raisins are known to help the hair to grow better or better yet, prevent hair loss altogether.

Next in the list, hair oil treatment. Oh yes, you will be needing this at least once a week to make sure your hair is fully moisturised and healthy. You can either visit the saloon or do it yourself at home! Oil treatment is not all about spilling a bottle of oil on your hair, but to know the actual massage steps to allow blood circulation in your scalp. If you want to know more about the steps, check out, Wikihow.

And of course, if you're clueless about the hair oil you should use, you can always try Himalaya's Anti Hair Fall Oil.

Himalaya's Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil prevents hair fall and stimulates hair growth. Enriched with the goodness of Thistles and Indian Gooseberry that strengthen root shafts and prevent hair fall. Fenugreek is rich in lecithin and proteins that nourish the hair roots. Neem and Bael work simultaneously to prevent scalp infections and keep hair healthy.