Sunday, 16 March 2014

3 ways to protect yourself from haze.

The weather in Malaysia is getting uncertain by days, sometimes it's all shining bright, sometimes it's raining and sometimes (well, recently) haze shows up. Not taking care of yourself during this period of time can really affect your body to react to it. No one wants to get sick or anything, right? :) Here are the way you can protect yourself from haze.

Firstly, try to minimize your outdoor activities. Well, if you're the type who would spend most of the time outside, don't worry. It won't be long! 

Wear a mask. Not just any surgical mask. Respiratory masks such as N95 works well in keeping out fine particulate matter.

Change your diet! This time around, you will be needing more of Vitamin A and E which includes apples, tuna, sardines and such. And of course, you will have to drink lots and lots of water to prevent yourself from hydration and to flush out the toxins absorbed through the lungs.

Last but not least, if ever you feel sick (coughs, flu, dry eyes & etc), do consult the doctor immediately. 

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