Thursday, 15 August 2013

Making yourself feel better in the heat.

Scorching sun and sweaty body. Don't we all hate that? It's frustrating to get dressed all nice and handsome and the next thing that we will have to face, is the sun and heat. Bummer.

At times like these, you're advised to, 

1. Not to wear anything black. Want to know why? Because black absorbs heat faster than any other color. Oh yes, it does. 

Picture courtesy of Jeffspot

2. You wear makeup? Okay this time, not too much. This is because makeups melt and it can cause breakouts. Instead of using a foundation, use a BB cream instead because it's lighter on the skin.

3. Drink water. You're advised to sip and not gulp. Because gulping will bring you to the loo a thousand times. You can thank us later ;)

If you have any other tips to share with us, please do!

Till then, good luck in trying these 3 simple steps!

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