Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Himalaya KLCC Concourse Promotion

Hey amazing people! Guess what? Himalaya is now having a booth in KLCC Concourse! We are providing free hair analysis and BMI test for everyone! This is your chance to know more about your hair type and what kind of shampoo and treatment that will suit you best! 

Not only that, come to us to know how you can slim down by only spending RM1.76 a day! First, head down to KLCC Concourse, get your BMI checked to know whether you're overweight or you're just fine the way you are. ;) If you're overweight, we might have a solution for you! :)

There are also promotion for other Himalaya products, to know more, do visit us! Promotion lasts from 2nd September 2013 till 8th September 2013. Hurry! 

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